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Can’t say enough about this wedding!  Just loved, loved, loved it!  We had the best time with this couple and their families!  Melissa’s dress was beautiful with lovely detailing.  The red flowers, shoes and bridesmaids dresses were so striking!  Melissa and Jacob’s ceremony was at the same chapel that her grandparents were married in years before.  Thought that was very sweet and romantic.  Their dog was the ring bearer complete with tuxedo…very cute!  There were many tears shed during the ceremony and it was very intimate.  Really loved it.  There was lots of time for photos that day and they were a great couple to photograph.  Very natural together and very much in love!  Their reception was also beautiful and they had a great MC!  Thank you for making us a part of your amazing day!  Hope you guys have the greatest life together!  Congratulations!

We had an amazing time photographing Amanda and Julian’s wedding at Bellamere Winery.  Such an amazing venue for a wedding!  Thought Amanda looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day!  The deep red color of the bridesmaids shoes, flowers, lipstick just so striking.  We had a great time with their bridal party as well as their families.  The rain held off through the day and it was warm enough to be outside for photos.  Loved the fireplace when we came inside after.  So warm and cozy as was the feel of their entire wedding!  We sat with some fantastic people at dinner as well!  Congratulations on your wedding Amanda and Julian and for having us be a part of it.  Wishing you a long and happy life together!

We just loved this wedding…the colors, the feel…so fresh and summery.  The weather was just beautiful and Carolyn and Jon are so in love.  Carolyn just couldn’t stop smiling during the ceremony and Jon just couldn’t stop looking at her.  They paid a lot of attention to detail in everything and it really added to their day.  Even the golf cart was decorated and it was so cute!  Really awesome idea!  Their theme was the Apple of My Eye and everywhere there were fresh green apples.  Really stunning!  We had an amazing time with their families and bridal party all day long! Congratulations to you both Carolyn and Jon.  We hope you will always be the apple of each other’s eye!  You make a beautiful couple and we were so happy and honored to share in your day with you!

KittyLea and Shawn have been together for quite a few years now and have two little boys who are such sweethearts and pretty funny too!  Kitty  was a very calm bride and just enjoyed the day.  She paid a lot of attention to detail and even had one of the coolest ideas we have ever seen for centrepieces which she made herself.  Instead of having flowers their centrepieces were made to look like flowers but when you lifted out the individual flowers the stems were cylinders filled with candy which then ended up being their favor.  Thought this was a great idea.  Their bridal party was a lot of fun and you could tell how close they were to their friends…their speeches were very heartfelt.  It was a pleasure to be a part of such an important day in their lives.  We had an incredible time with this very loving couple!  Congratulations to you both!

We were really looking forward to Maranda and Wynn’s wedding day!  We had such a great time with them when we did their engagement session that we knew their wedding would be fantastic.  Maranda and Wynn’s have a great group of  friends and family and so that made the day even better.

Maranda got ready in a beautiful old house…would have loved to have been able to take more photos there….just stunning!  The house she got ready for the wedding at was just steps away from her church and if it wasn’t raining a little she would have been able to walk.  After the wedding many of the guests went to Wynn’s parents place and they had the barn all set up with a bar and tables and their guests were able to relax and have a drink.  I guess they have parties there all the time.  It was awesome!  All day it threatened rain but it ended up staying away.  We were so glad since the day before they had predicted a ton of rain for that afternoon.  The speeches were very heartfelt and there were a lot of laughs and happy tears.   Maranda and Wynn we were so happy to be able to share in your wedding day with you both.  You make a beautiful couple and we wish you many years of happiness!

We absolutely loved Lucy and Chad’s winter wedding.  First of all Lucy’s dress was stunning, her flowers were just gorgeous and I absolutely love a bride who wears a great pair of heels in an amazing color.  Lucy definitely made a beautiful bride!  Her bridesmaids dresses were also gorgeous.  Just love deep purple for a winter wedding!  They also had a great venue for their reception.  It was held at One Restaurant and Lounge and was the perfect  venue for a small and intimate wedding!

Even though their day was cold we did get outside for a few winter photos.   The girls in the bridal party (who we have also known for a long time) were really cold but the photos turned out great and they did forgive us later for taking them outside once they had warmed up again.  Their reception was filled with dancing, happy tears, laughter and friends and you could see on their faces that they were having the best time!

Lucy and Chad are an amazing couple!  Their love has survived a lot and we are so happy to see that they are finally married!  Even though you are living a little further away now Lucy we hope you will both come and visit often!  Miss you already!  Congratulations on finally tying the knot and thanks for making us a part of your day…we always hoped we would get to photograph your wedding!

Just love the expression and the tear in the corner of Lucy’s moms eye as she walked up the aisle just before her husband  gave their daughter away.

Our favorite photos of the day!

Our last wedding of 2010….Tori and Warren.  They are such a beautiful couple!  I have known Tori for quite a few years now and she is gorgeous not only on the outside but also on the inside.  She certainly made a beautiful bride with one of the biggest princess dresses I have ever photographed!  I always hoped that we would be the ones to be able to photograph her on her wedding day and were so happy when they asked us!  Warren seems like he is a wonderful person too and they just look perfect for each other!

They got married on a Sunday evening and so all the photos were indoors.  It was a small and intimate wedding by candlelight.  The wedding and reception took place at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn  in London and it is such a great place for a wedding.  At the end of the evening we took photos down by the pool.  They had it all to themselves.  All the guests were sleeping and it was a really still and beautiful time.  Wished we had more time to take photos then….won’t forget it!   Want to wish them happiness always as they begin their married adventure together!  We were so happy to be able to be there to see the two of you solidify your love!  Congratulations Tori and Warren!

Thanks also to all of my amazing brides and grooms of 2010 for making our job such a pleasure and for allowing us to share in one of the most important days of your lives!  It is such an honor!

We always look forward to winter weddings and we had so much fun with Mandy and Derek at their beach engagement session that it just made us look forward to it even more.  What a contrast this day was to that.  It was really cold December 18th and we really could not stay outside long.  You felt like your fingers were falling off if you did.  Mandy made a gorgeous bride.  Her dress was beautiful!   We really enjoyed the morning photographing the girls getting ready.  After their church ceremony we headed to John Paul II Secondary School for some photos.  Mandy and Derek and most of their bridal party along with a bunch of close friends that attended their wedding all went to this school together and it was where Derek and Mandy met as well so it was very appropriate!  So sweet…high school sweethearts!

After that it was off to Sunningdale!  Just love that venue for a winter wedding!  It is so cozy especially when a fire is going!  Mandy and Derek’s reception was one of the best we have been to.  The speeches had everyone laughing and crying.  They were so hearfelt!  Even the guys in the wedding party had tears (maybe that is an understatement)…and we have to say that Derek’s speech was the best grooms speech that we have ever heard.  After speeches they had a slideshow but with a surprise twist.  Her dad had arranged for a family friend to sing the song Mandy during the slideshow.  You would have thought it was Barry Manilow himself singing it.  It was amazing!  In fact some people didn’t realize that a person in the room was singing it that is how good he was.  Loved it!  What a great surprise!  Last but not least for their first dance instead of having a slow dance for all the couples in the bridal party they all partied on the dance floor together.  It really got their whole party started.  The dance floor was full and the music was great!

Mandy and Derek we loved being a part of your wedding day.  You are really wonderful people and we wish you happiness always!