It is hard to believe that it has already been a year since we took these adorable twins newborn photos.  They have changed so much and both have distinctly different personalities.  Autumn wasn’t walking on her own quite yet so she was a little easier to catch….Myelle was always off and running.  We decided to do a cupcake smash with them and this was a new experience for me.  The girls had so much fun getting covered in icing!  I thought it was cute too how Autumn was covered in the pink cupcake icing and Myelle pretty much the purple icing.  Not planned at all… just happened to be what they each picked.  The cupcakes were made by their mom, Melissa.  She has her own business in Woodstock called The Cupcakerie.  Check her out on facebook.  It was the most lovely evening with their family with the most awesome summer weather.  I look forward to photographing more sessions like this…just an amazing time!  Also looking forward to photographing Melissa and Joe’s newest edition to be born in August!  Congratulations to them both.  They are going to be busy!

One Response to “Autumn and Myelle turn one!”

  1. Melissa Vandermeer says:

    Thank-you Alisha and Rob for the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen…I love all the photos of their ‘silly’ faces..and the sweet moments of them with us….they’re just beautiful…I can’t believe how much you captured their exact little personalites on camera..I’m so happy to have these to show them as they grow up..and to remember them at this age forever